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2018-12-5 · This crush is specifically geared towards a dairy herd but still has all the standard benefits of a morris crush. The centre pivoted side doors allow for easier access for foot trimming. Standard specification. Morris 3 piece front crushgate and yoke. Rear gate. 4 opening side doors, pivoting in the middle of the crush.


2021-6-28 · For sale, second hand KVK 800-1 hydraulic hoof trimming crush working on 380V, 16A. This crush is a galvanized version, and has the following functions hydraulic: front legs lifting, back legs lifting, front gate, back gate, double belly band, front gate lock, front winch, elevator, front leg fixation plates, back leg fixation plates.

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A purpose built foot trimming crush, manually operated scissor yoke, drop down adjustable rump bar, full access to all feet and one of the safest foot block designs available. Adjustable head yoke and cranked braked hub units on front foot block winches. Suitable for dairy cattle from 350kg to 1000kg


2013-9-15 · KVK Hydra Klov. We are a modern company devoted to engineering and manufacturing hoof care and hoof trimming equipment. Today there are many KVK products in use internationally – from Northern Norway and Iceland to Saudi Arabia and Dubai, from Canada to Japan. KVK works closely with Granly Steel A/S, which is famous for high quality products ...

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2018-12-5 · Hoof Trimming Crushes | Foot Trimming Crushes, George Hamilton Machinery


2015-2-12 · HOOF TRIMMING CRUSHES SPEED AND SAFETY The processes for lead-in, fixing and tipping are moni-tored via a central switch-board. The hydraulic head catching devise adapts to every position of the head. The hydraulically operated pushing gate brings the animals in the perfect position. The catching devise closes hydraulically. All service

Cattle Hoof Trimming Crush

Cattle Hoof Trimming Crush . Trimming crushes are designed with animal safety and comfort in mind. WOPA have solidified their global recognition and have shown the world why they administer the leading cattle hoof trimming crush machinery.

Robert Bradley Foot Trimming

RB Hoofcare use wide rollover crushes. These crushes are ideal for both the smallest of cows to the largest of bulls and are able to cope with herds of any size large or small,set up is quick and easy for both the handler and cattle.. Through using the Dutch method of foot trimming I am able to balance the weight bearing surface of the animal''s hoof, to drastically improve the animals overall ...

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CowCare - Second-Hand Used Hoof Trimming Crushes. For sale, second hand WOPA SA0051 hydraulic hoof trimming crush working on 380V, 16A. This crush is a galvanized version, and has the following functions hydraulic: front legs lifting, back legs lifting, front gate, back bar, belly band.

Alu-Hooftrimmer CC02 (H) Hoof trimming crush/chute

The Alu-Hooftrimmer CC02 for example has a standard weight of 825 kilogram. This makes it an ideal chute for hoof trimmers working alone. The CC02 comes with a remote (5 functions) control for the standard hydraulic options (elevator, belly band, front gate, backdoor and back leg). Ask a question. SKU: 13010212 Category: Crushes …

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2020-3-25 · Eko Chute manufacture and distribute modern hoof trimming chutes, crates and crushes for use in cattle and cow hoof trimming for farmers, vets and hoof trimming professionals.

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2020-10-10 · Consider the design of the front feet when choosing a crush. An example of what to look for when buying a new hoof trimming crush can be found in our Ekochute Hooftrimming range. While there are many crushes on the market, we recommend choosing quality. Typically, a hoof trimming …

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We have a number of used static hoof trimming crushes for sale- can be delivered. We also offer 1/2 day, full day and 2 day farmers hoof trimming tuition courses. Also 5 day professional courses for people interested in a career in the foot trimming industry.

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Cattle Foot Trimming Crushes Manual foot trimming crush. A entry level hoof trimming crush with a lot of top end features. More Information. Electric Foot Trimming Crush. A fully electric foot trimming crush with all the features of a contractors crush at a …

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Our hoof trimmers use the "Dutch" method of hoof trimming - a proven technique developed around 40 years ago by a Dutch veterinary professor and lecturer at the University of Utrecht. It is now recognised throughout Europe and North America as the best way to achieve balance in cattle claws, to treat the onset of lameness and help maintain ...

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2021-8-18 · Cattle Foot Trimming Crushes. Cattle Foot Trimming Crushes Calcite Deep Processing Plant in Belgium Calcite deep processing production line in Belgium is composed of PE250×400 jaw crusher electrovibrating feeder HXM1021 micro powder mill hoister electrical cabinet packing machine and pulse dust collector. More Detail


2021-2-22 · Quick, clean and consecutive trimming of all four hooves at an optimum working height is only possible with the tipping system. Tools are only used once, there are no interruptions for securing the legs. The working area is only 2 m, so the distances are minimal. Our tipping crushes guarantee • clean working conditions, no dung in the working ...


For more information about how it can transform your cattle foot trimming experience, please do call us on 01963 824448, Steve on 07850 960570 or email [email protected] .uk F1 CADBURY BUSINESS PARK, SPARKFORD, YEOVIL, SOMERSET BA22 7LH

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Electric Hoof Trimming Crush. £ 4,850.00. Price is + VAT and P & P. The DHC electric crush with 5 motors. It comes with different options as the service-arm with 3-pole socket and lighting, a rubber mat against slipping,, W Bar for hind leg and transport axle. …

Hydraulic Cattle Foot Trimming Crush

2021-8-24 · Painted crushes are not eligible. Crushes with wooden floors are not eligible. Uses; Hydraulic Cattle Foot Trimming Crush innovative hydraulic roll over crush that has been designed to simplify the cow foot trimming process and offers extensive benefits both in terms of reduced cost and more importantly cow care.

Cowcare Electric Foot-Trimming Crush

2021-8-26 · Due to the Unique A-Frame construction, the Cowcare range of Hoof-trimming Crushes are the most robust design available on the market. Our rotary cam front gate opening system offers unparalleled safety to the operator, allowing the gate to open without entering the danger zone . Our Electric Foot-Trimming Crush features four 12vDC electric ...

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A wide range of Cattle Crush options from mobile to fixed plus all the accessories to enhance your handling facilities, making it a safer and easier job

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Show: 25 50 75 100. Model: ftc-electric-crush. Electric Foot Trimming Crush. Electric Foot Trimming Crush. Developed by foot-trimming professionals to ensure safety for both animals and operator... £5,940.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Compare this Product.

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Wopa Cattle Crushes – Cow Crushes. VeeHof Dairy Services are the sole importers and distributors of the award-winning Wopa cattle crushes, which are internationally recognised for their ease of use for animal handling and hoof trimming, as well as for …

Cowcare Manual Foot-Trimming Crush

2021-8-12 · Manual Foot-trimming Crush features-Developed by foot-trimming professionals to ensure safety for both animals and operator. Due to the unique A-Frame construction, the Cowcare range of Hoof-trimming crushes are the most robust design available on the market.

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Purpose built hoof trimming cattle crushes. Greater thru rate per hour. Safer for staff and the animal, as the cow can''t injure itself. Enables more accurate diagnosis and trimming, as the hoof is held securely in place. Benefit from the knowledge and experience of 100,000''s of hooves. It''s all we do - day in and day out, so we know our ...

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2020-11-2 · How Does the Hooftrimming Crushes Grant Work? A standard cost is set for a hoof trimming crush, at £4,400. Farmers are then paid 40% of that amount (£1,760) based on their investment. £1,760 is the maximum funding that can be obtained. If the hoof trimming unit costs less that £4,400, the farmer will be paid 40% of the lower amount.

Electric Upright Cattle Crush

Electric Upright Cattle Crush. This crush has been developed for progressive dairy farms were routine trimming is carried out on a daily basis. This galvanized stationary electric foottrimming crush has nearly the same possibilities as a professional crush at a fraction of the cost.

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2018-3-12 · Foot Trimming. With a dairy farming background and having previously worked as a herdsman, Steve is used to handling cattle in a calm and efficient manner. He has been foot trimming since 2000 and is a Category 1 Dutch Diploma holder – an internationally recognised welfare-orientated trimming …

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